Bric Bissarello 2020 at DWWA 2022
We are proud to announce the results of the first participation of our wines in an international wine challenge. #DWWA2022, the largest of those, awarded the first release of our Langhe Rosso «BRIC BISSARELLO» 2020 a bronze medal. Not a big deal, you’d say? Maybe you are right. But we are proud nonetheless and not because it’s our first ever medal. We are proud because this wine is a Dolcetto based red, that comes from an old vineyard (planted between 1972 & 1978) which with time has become a field mix (we’ve identified 2 clones of Dolcetto & 7 other varieties by far). Dolcetto is the most unpopular Piedmontese red varietal, the surfaces under its vines have been drastically declining for the last 15 years. It’s the locals’ preferred red, but outside of Piedmont no one “wants it”. The fact that our wine together with 9 more Dolcetto based wines won international recognition is a sign that this varietal shall not be abandoned!❤️ Read more about this wine at the WINES page of our website. . Label artwork by @kotliarker_art