Sorì Eroici (“Heroes of the Hills”)

SORÌ is a local word, used to indicate the steepest slopes of the hills where traditionally the best grapes come from. Most of these vineyards are very old and difficult to work. In an effort to avoid their abandoning a group of passionate local producers and young city administrators from the Moscato zone set up this association in 2020 in order to get a better evaluation of the hard work of the winegrowers (the heroes) aimed, apart from producing the best grapes & wines, towards preserving the pristine landscapes, officially recognized as word’s heritage by UNESCO. Only vineyards steeper than 30% can qualify. In Langhe & Monferrato, where half of all the Piedmontese vineyards are planted, roughly ¼ (5800 ha) qualifies and Cossano Belbo, where QUILA’s main vineyard is planted, with its 61,74 ha of vineyards steeper than 50% is the one of the leaders in this category (only Santo Stefano Belbo has more vineyards steeper than 50%). QUILA was certified SORI EROICI in August of 2022 and 1,9 ha of QUILA’s vineyard qualified for the designation as follows:

Sorì Eroici Quila

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