Aroma di un territorio

Aroma di un territorio is an association of 14 (by the end of 2023) dry Muscat winemakers. The production area extends to 21 villages in the Langhe and Langa Astigiana areas that also make part of the Asti DOCG (52 villages). Four villages are the core zone of the association: Santo Stefano Belbo, Castiglione Tinella, Cossano Belbo and Coazzolo. The association has registered its own trade mark – esCAMOtage which every producer shall put on his bottle after the vintage has been approved corresponding to the association’s rules of production by a tasting committee made out of the members themselves. The wines shall be made exclusively from the Moscato di Canelli variety, have not less than 12,5% alc.vol., not less than 15 g/hl dry extract and no more than 5 g/l of residual sugar. The vineyards shall be on a hill side, from 200 to 510 m a.s.l. with some North facing parts excluded. Yields shall be less than 9 t/ha. No herbicides are permitted.

Bisso tells the story of his passion for the dry Muscat:
« My passion for dry Moscato was born during a visit to Greece in 2018. With a group of friends we went on “wine holidays”: we toured islands on a yacht and visited wineries. We stopped for 3 days on the island of Lemnos, where 90% of the wine that is produced and drunk is dry Moscato, they also have a DOC for that since 1982. The island, also being a military base, is not very touristic, so the wines in local restaurants and tavernas are mostly local. We didn’t like that much the island’s red wines and at a certain point started drinking only dry Moscato. I was surprised and impressed by the versatility of this wine which went very well with any dish: with the “mezés”, with fish and especially with lamb, which Greeks eat quite a lot. I was also very impressed by a Moscato fermented in barrique, produced by the island’s cooperative winery. I must say that I was born in a country where in those times red wine was drunk predominantly and Moscato was almost exclusively distilled to “rakia” (very high quality indeed!). And it was particularly difficult for me to make this “turn over”. In 2019, when I took the vineyard in Cossano planted for 90% with Moscato, I immediately knew what wine I wanted to make. I also heard about the foundation of the “Aroma di un territoryio” and my dream was to become part of it»

QUILA became member of Aroma di un territorio in June of 2023.

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Official book about the story of esCAMOtage (in Italian): «Moscato: pane, burro e aciughe»