WINEMAG TOP 100 2023

The closer the end of the year the more generous and numerous the wine awards. This time our Moretto (aka “Mexican Nebbiolo”) was listed among the Top-100 of for 2023. The edition is lead by , one of the youngest Italian wine critics, that somehow manages to extract adrenaline (or other substances) out of wine, which help him travel, write and taste wine 24/7 all 365 days of the year. In Davide’s selection there are lots of wineries that you haven’t heard of (like ours) but also well known ones, big or small , like Ca’ Rugate, Librandi, Villa Matilde, Marisa Cuomo, Brunelli, La Togata as well as Sartori, San Marco, Borgogno and Mandrarossa to name a few. It’s the wine in the glass that shall impress you, not its production philosophy, Davide declares, saying “No” to oeno-racism & forced inclusivity. Here’s how Davide describes our Moretto: 🔸«Ever heard of Moretto? Probably not. This is the name of the grape, very rare, coming from the vineyards of “Quila”, an oenological project by Bisso Atanasov. We are in the Langhe. On the nose, flowers and fruit would suggest a perfectly ripe Nebbiolo. But on the palate, the clear acid imprint and the lower tannin content distinguish even better the differences between the two grape varieties, once confused. Very young wine, the result of a heroic recovery project by the passionate winemaker adopted by Piedmont. We need to give it time, but it will be like drinking a glass of history.» . This vintage of MX*Quila is unfortunately sold out, but we have the new one ready.

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