Houlber, Denmakr, MX Quila 2020

Ulrik Houlberg Iversen is a wine critic from Denmark. He’s been following my route as a winemaker for quite a long time and that fact makes me even happier as I found three extensive articles about my new red wine releases of 2022 on his website (houlberg.dk). I can not read in Danish, but even through google-translator I can feel the expressiveness of his language, the deep knowledge and the passion for wine that Ulrik interlaces in his texts.
Here’s what Ulrik says about our red, that he rated highest:
MX🔸Quila 2020: «Split my bream sails, Captain Haddock would have said, because it smells absolutely impressive with tanned leather, roses, violets, minerals and has a ripe fruit with weight, black cherries, raspberries, blackberries and deep intensity. There is a little body in the wine and thus not quite like Nebbiolo, although it also has this dry and delicious nerve. In the mouth, the wine also has a slightly darker side than Nebbiolo, and the tannins neither paralyze nor shout wildly in the mouth, although there is still a splash in the wine. However, the tannins give a good bite and they creep up slowly and settle almost unnoticed on the teeth. There are strawberries, raspberries, currants, plenty of Piedmontese acidity and this fresh, austere, direct and bright fruit… very dry and impressive, so 95 points».

And here are the two other wines: 🔸Bric Bissarello Langhe DOC Rosso 2020, 93/100 🔸Jeff Pramas Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2020, 93/100
🔸 Full article on houlberg.dk (in Danish)
🔸 Also from Ulrik, about MX Quila 2019
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